Below is an overview of the services and solutions DETI provides:

DETI helps build, install, upgrade and maintain our state’s infrastructure. We work with Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), counties, cities, prime contractors and private developments. Our management team maintains an environment of excellence project performance. Our experience allows us to offer expertise in multiple areas of the construction phase. DETI staff utilizes a team approach that provides an added value on every project. We maintain long term relationships with our subcontractors, who are highly skilled and certified in their fields .We work together to create a safe, effective, and cost efficient products .Our professional and experienced team is committed to providing excellence and quality service to all types of projects. We always deliver solutions on time, on budget , and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Mast Arm Traffic Signal Installation

Pole and mast arm installations are found in urban areas where spans and Catenaries are either impractical or not as esthetically pleasing as poles and mast arms.

Span Box Traffic Signal Installation

The Engineering Operations Committee has approved the use of the box span signal layout as the department’s standard design for all trunk-line intersections being constructed or modernized. For a typical intersection, the box span design requires four support structures (one structure in each quadrant of the intersection). This design style is credited with improving motorist visibility, while in turn providing a positive contribution to the department’s senior mobility initiatives. This signal layout also improves safety during signal maintenance.

Video Surveillance , Detection & CCTV Systems Installation

The video surveillance camera shall provide full-motion video and work with a PTZ unit to allow remote control of camera operations, including pan, tilt, and zoom. The new video-based traffic monitoring system is to enable the GDOT to collect real-time information about traffic conditions and provide live video of traffic conditions.

More Services:

» Aerial Construction
» Directional Boring and Drilling
» Fiber Optic Cable Installation
» Pole Line Construction
» Project Management
» Splicing and Electrical Testing
» Conduit & Trenching Installation
» Underground Construction Manhole
» Roadway Lighting Installation
» Parks and Recreational Lighting Installation
» Microwave Sensor Installation
» Roadway Red-Light Cameras Installation

Materials and Suppliers:

» Laser Tech, Inc.: – Red-Light Camera’s Equipment
» Econolite: – Traffic Signal Materials and Video Detection Systems
» OFS: – Fiber Optic Cable Materials
» Valmont: – Steel and Concrete Poles Materials
» Mayer Electric: – Underground Electrical Materials
» Rexel DH Supply: – Electrical and Signal Aerial Materials
» Multicom: – Signal Wires
» Metrowire: – Signal Wires
» Southern Lighting & Traffic Systems: Signal and Poles Materials
» Georgia Underground: – Pull boxes and Cabinet Bases
» Resitech: – Signal Wires, Pull boxes and Cabinet Bases
» RAI: – Loop Detectors Sealant
» Anasteel: – Steel Rebar for Pole Foundations
» Pelco: – Signal Materials
» Temple: – Traffic Signal Materials and Microwave Sensor Systems
» TPI: – Traffic Signal Materials
» CSC: – Fiber Optic Cable Materials
» Vicon Industries: – CCTV Materials
» Thomas Concrete: – Concrete Materials
» Bazemore Fiber Optic: – Fiber Optic Services